Foster families and parents

Hello! In these times of crisis in our country there are fewer and fewer people who are willing to help others that are caught up in a serious condition. However, there are people that are always open and even though they are not wealthy at all – they try to help children in institutions.
These families are willing to give part of their bread, home, life and love to make a child happy. I do not know what might be the reason that would make you leave your child in the lurch?
Perhaps the difficult financial situation, or unwanted pregnancy or maybe illiteracy. They say that children are our wealth, the meaning of life? There are different ways in which we can help a child that has no home of his own.
You can donate to a foster family for example – as do people like Svetlio Kantardzhiev, companies like Mtel and others. And the help can be not only financial financial – you can give part of your time to volunteer or donate clothes, toys or other items that can be used.
Except through donations, another very useful way to help is by becoming foster parents. What is a foster parent? This is a way to shelter in your own home a child whose parents are alive but unable to care for him.
The kid becomes a part of our family, without being adopted by us. When caught in a supportive family environment, the child begins to develop normally, learns various useful things and feels loved and protected.
I think that in order to become a foster parent you must have a big heart. You have to give daily care of someone else’s child, to give him love and warmth and that required a lot of heart, soul and nobility.
There are families that for various reasons are unable to raise their own children, and this is one way for them to feel real parent.
Moreover, because of the decision to help a child, they will receive a monthly allowance, which should help them cover part of the costs.
Let us open our hearts and reach out to the most innocent beings – children.

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