Bulgarian cultural values and history

BG When it comes to Bulgarian culture and history, every Bulgarian would start to brag on you with all the heroes and glorious events and so on … But if you ask him what he did to save some of this treasure, he’d not be able to point out even a single thing. Because he actually didn’t do anything.  That is a part of our national psychology and identity distortion within it.

We don’t care much about our history and culture, though we remember part of it. Many of our so memorable and worthy monuments, churches, buildings and so on are practically forgotten by the state and its people.

Few are those such as the publisher Svetoslav Kantardjiev that try to preserve what’s left of our millennium-old culture and show it to the future generations. Mizia Foundation is a non-governmental organization that he found, aimed to save what’s still left as material objects from our culture and history, restore  it, and expose it into a future museum, that the foundation shall built on donations.

I am pretty happy that there are people that devote themselves to preserve part of our national heritage, but still I do not understand how most of the people do not actually care, and won’t even move a bit of their asses to go out and protest on something or even send a letter to the Ministry of Culture, for example.  We should not be so negligent to our history and culture, but I guess we’ve just got to learn the lesson the hard way…

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